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On the Math of George Soros Conspiracies

If George Soros really paid every protestor on the left who dislikes Trump , as well as the violent racists who support Trump, he wouldn't be rich anymore.

Assuming a commonly claimed rate of $300 per protestor, the $3 million at the original Women's March would have cost $900 million (or more than what the Koch brothers will spend electing Republicans in a single 2-year election cycle, as shown by actual public records). Even another claimed amount of $15 per hour would still add up to $180 million for a 4-hour national rally. Now, rallying is hard work, especially when trying to make a big impression, so I highly doubt that anyone would take a mere $15 per hour--after all, that's what the minimum wage should be, not actors in a political conspiracy.

Now add to that the second Women's March, the March for Our Lives, the Science March, the Tax March, various environmental marches, the supposed "crisis actors" at mass shootings, right-wing protestors supposedly planted to be violent and make Trump look bad, the entire Ku Klux Klan, the entirety of Black Lives Matter (ironic combination, I know), the entire Democratic Party, all Democratic candidates, all progressive groups, all liberal but not progressive groups, and we're looking at several billion dollars that right-wingers like claim that George Soros is supposedly spending to manipulate American politics. That sort of conspicuous consumption would surely go noticed by, well, everyone, especially the IRS, as these "paid protestors" would need to report their income. What about the legal paperwork required to hire so many people?

Likewise, Soros wouldn't have much money left. The sheer rate of spending to elect candidates, many of whom want to tax the rich (those being the least likely to actually receive his money in real life), would be absurd compared to the returns he would receive. This is in contrast to the spending by conservative billionaires like Koch brothers, who get gigantic returns from Republicans and corporate Democrats in the form of tax breaks. Trump and the Republicans have already delivered.

Combine that with the fact that almost no one on the left even knows is who the hell he is. Seriously, who the hell is George Soros? What does he even do? How do I get this endless money for my campaign? It sure would've helped to pay the ballot qualifying fee in 2018. I know I can just look him up on Google, but seriously, it seems like only people who subscribe to right-wing conspiracies even know who he is.

Thus right-wing conspiracy theories show themselves for what they are: BULLSHIT.

Here's a picture of Alex Jones, fame Soros conspiracy theorist, in his prime before his mass banning:


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